Sunday, May 13, 2012



there is a point!

because there is a point, I'll try to speak clearly :)

that I think our juniors are adorable and cute but a little lacking in the teamwork department.

that I have treated you unfairly and I don't understand how anyone could have done what you did. that, like a complete moron, I push away things I don't know how to face.

that 'I don't know how to say this' is, um, a lie. One can always try. Oh, alright, so words can bring any meaning across. Not perfectly, but then. Does it need to be?

anyway. clear quota used up. nyahh.

I baked Death of Marat today!! :D :D it's chocolate hazelnut tarts and I'm super proud of them hahahah. even if I did screw up a little... ehe! :D no, I'm happy 'cause knowing how I screwed means the second time will be perfect!! :D :D

life has no reason to be getting better.

so life is currently defying reason. what. is. new? :)

I wish I could bottle happiness up. but I can't. my last good-luck four leaf clover bottle broke, which is actually a pretty upsetting thing to happen now that I think about it.

anyway if I could bottle it up, what would I do with it? have a pinch of it every meal, or dab some as a scent when I'm down, or carry it with me everywhere I go like an offering? I guess it's better if it just comes and goes. or I could live in a constant state of undulating happiness. haha.

gahh I wish we were trekking as a team. selfish much, it's just that I miss having only 2 tall people in front instead of 6. LOL.

there is a point, and thank goodness :)

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