Tuesday, May 29, 2012


...because some things should be done in halves, not everything is all or nothing, even though sometimes that's exactly what happens, and it's a pity. but at times when it's compelling to leap all out or lock all in, I'd better remember opening the door and toeing the line is probably just as well; better. 

I'm starting to forget why I have a blog in the first place, or maybe I just have too much to write and too little that can or will translate D: like real, haha, I'm sure I can write out whatever as long as I want to. it's as easy as typing out my thoughts, like


but then. new-fashioned (current haha!) sweets are made of, uh, sugar too. with a lot more chemicals maybe? :X and I ate haribo today! oh well, 2012 will get me before haribo or carcinogens. yeah, joshua? :D

the notes on graduation <3 ehm, I was really really touched and when my mom asked me what I was getting all weird and smiley and emotional for and I told her, she told me to write my own too! haha. er, no. I'm not a mushy person at all hahahaha. and maybe some things can't be expressed in words after all - but of course it's worth a try anyway. but what if a word slips and falls, and the rest follow after, and I stare at the empty space left behind feeling more than just a little sad? so yup. selfish me. 

who can argue, though, that it was anything but fantastic? through the pain and the mental torture and the tears and screaming muscles we made it and that's just indescribable, it's just too crazy. all the funny jokes and really stupid things we said or did and how each of us is so different but so willing and so alike in that we're willing to be in a team together, and then to be a team together. I think it's pretty perfect, something like this at this time of life with people like you guys :))

awwww. okay, okay, let's be practical here. 

sorry, wait, I meant let's burn down all the buildings and run round the streets spraying graffiti. 

I meant, maybe I should bake a cake or something <3

well, what point writing logically and solemnly when I have to do that for my freaking I&I anyway .__. 

I'm going to break zero soon~ :D :D 

I want you to be able to look up at the night sky and not feel it's utter loneliness or sadness or persecution and maybe just feel, happy, is that too much to ask? that's a honest question, is it? because if it is then maybe just content, maybe at peace, because it's really 

the shore/ Of the wide world

and when we face that everything is too much to ask, and there's nothing to ask for besides. maybe give thanks.

I do :))))

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