Wednesday, May 2, 2012



interesting stuffs and after all we're turning 18 soon right! :DD


juniors jiayou!! can one~ CAN ONE. I said it, so can. 

3k on fri 5.30 D: I'll see how. 

yes, why not embark on a I <3 rain journey! after all, it seems like there's going to be an unending supply. so I might as well transform it into an unending supply of <333 haha. 

but then come to think of it the sun shines more. huh. 

I should just be happy in all weathers, like a tornado. wheee~

packing food today, 100% qidai the cook's masterpiece! even though mrshuen's like, huh all that with maggi? haha! (Y)

waterman surprise proving to be beyond awesome!! hohoho :D 

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