Tuesday, May 15, 2012


fudgeee. I will try hard not to judge!! 'cause it's so subjective, like the only reason I can call johsua nice is 'cause I kind of know him better. so yup :) :) 

hmm. I think...well. as long as it's just dislike, I can deal with it. and anyway even though some people do things to make me laser eyes , said people are usually just as likely (slightly less likely, okay. LOL.) to make me smile/ laugh/ turn insides-gooey. so unless I honestly, really dislike them (hate is forbidden. my dad told me that when I was like six and it stuck) like unless they...er...I actually don't know.. er. anyway. unless you do it. then

then I think it's okay y'know? :)

'cause I'm sure everyone everywhere deserves a hug. it's weird but I actually think that. I hope they get it. even the parts of people which are all sharp and edgy still deserve one. 

now my dad just bought 30 eggs. yayyy. eggs for breakfast!! eggs 101. tell me if you have any egg recipes 'cause I'll need it! :D otherwise it'll be egg+bread. egg. egg+bread. egg+oatmeal? ewww. nah. egg+tomato+bread! egg+TOFU HAHAHA

okay enough lagging.

tomorrow shall be the same, yet better. yay :)

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