Monday, April 30, 2012


she updated (her livejournal)

oh dear.

cut-off mindless ranting that probably fits into the condemned 'meaningless talk'. oh, I see a parallel. but since I refuse to write plainly and aren't quite bad enough to post the unedited (or edited) convulsions of my mind - then - meaningless is all I have, correct? (or did I just lie)

sadly, I don't want tomorrow to come. Hopefully, I'll feel otherwise for other tomorrows. Currently-

I doubt it.

Or I'm just sleepy.

Runrunrun :D seems like we are all running gods, despite all the injuries haha. anyone who subs 10 is a running demon kay!! gosh I love running.

why so many runs? well after watching the hunger games I've had an epiphany!

1. (read on youtube) girl on fire + boy with bread = child named toast

2. running can save your life! so I shall run tmr. some time tmr.

well, what's the point? in the end, I mean. I claim to know what that enigmatic 'point' is, though if it stabbed me in the arm I still probably wouldn't know it - but. I don't. Not right now. Tomorrow I might. See, I really dislike that, it's so hateful. well, today, right now, I spurn black-on-white catharsis because there is no point. Especially when every conversation or lack thereof is a tiny explosion of its own.


he's enlisting in august D:

I will miss my dage.

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