Saturday, March 17, 2012

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ayo I just realised my blog titles now actually need to be proper titles. ehh :D

sniffles haha there's chicken soup in the kitchen yayyy

I've been a-thinking 'bout it for some time but I still don't know why I dislike photos. or is it just taking photos? or is it looking at photos? not just mine, too.

and on a different rail altogether I've been wondering

why like that?

and I've been thinking

I actually do want to get out of Singapore.

and y'know when I'm not thinking

then I guess I can clap my hands together; because truthfully no matter how bad things are or how bad they seem or even how good they are -

thank you for the good times and the bad, the trials and the joys. Dear God, thank you for letting me try and fail and try again, for letting me experience these feelings and, maybe, for always being by our side.

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