Saturday, February 4, 2012

|| "wahhhh" - my muscles

OMG I ACTUALLY GOT LOST WTSSS. (omg I'm spamming com today. daddy's in malaysia~ will be back tmr :) )

I ran to mcritchie --> jelutong tower and thought I could get out from there. but apparently not, so I was stunned, then I saw rifle range in the map!! and I remembered training so I thought okay let's do it! then I couldn't find it (I don't know why!!!!) so I had to backtrack 1k to find the route, then ran and ran AND ENDED UP SOME DON'T KNOW WHERE PLACE. it was a time warp!!! or a rabbit hole I don't know but there were no runners anymore (but it was a trail!!) and in front was...a lot of water. and a ulu trail which I followed until it led me to a blocked place with a sign saying LIVE FIRING DO NOT ENTER. deja vuu.

I was like okay, I'm a tahanner, getting lost is a lifestyle thing. no stress~ but it was stressful 'cause it was getting dark and I was still lost T.T I backtracked again till I got to the place where I had to backtrack at first, somewhere there. then I decided to run 0.8k to the rangers office hoping I could hitch a ride back to the entrance so I could go home.

*night falling* and I saw the light!! but there was no one home omgg hahaha. I decided to run to venus drive and from there make my way home, cause it was too dark to run in the trails anymore. but to get to venus drive was another 2.8k and it was dark and scary :( :(

*runrunrun* **damn scared** I emerged from singapore country club (my mom told me just now I might have passed some graves) and ran out, with all the streetlamps making me happy LOL <3 and ran until thomson plaza and from there to the bus stop outside mcritchie and from there got lost.

actually I got lost twice but both times 156 came by so I chased it like crazy until I found the right route. then at the last 3k my left knee died so I had to hobble/run home.

and I'm home! yay :D :D :D it's 9.30 goshhh.

got sushi for dinner <333

omg forget that all roads lead to rome crap, they do, but it's awfully long.

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