Wednesday, February 8, 2012

|| "Twilight" - Cover Drive

behind every formula and fact that I know is an endless gulf of things that I do not know. but I should. they're the backlog of laziness and complacency.

in the end knowing and not knowing are intertwined rather than diverged, in the end knowing makes me as dissatisfied as not knowing - not really, but really - and when I answer questions (my own, or others') it sounds like self-condemnation.

twi-lalalalalalalalala-twilight ahahaha

though, of course, completing tough questions makes me happy :) binary opposites existing in an unmixable mix, life is so exciting :D

// more juniors were interested than I thought there would be, actually. hahaha :D looking forward to something good~

// time to set a time. tomorrow we'll talk, and though I don't know what you want - maybe just to have it out with someone so we can be mutually confused and mutually saddened - but cheer up! :) people like him -- just aren't worth your tears :(

// WHY AREN'T HUGS TRANSFERABLE ONLINE D: finish that list of 10 things! :) :) :) <3333

// go home go sleep and rest lah youuu I hope your arm gets better! you're very pro, already, definitely ^^=

// being a bad person isn't alright, but acknowledging that you are, makes it fair. that's not to say it makes it alright..

spending a day in a smokescreen waiting for it to clear when I close my eyes.

there shouldn't be a reason to feel guilty - it's either unexplained, or inexcusable, aah.

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