Thursday, February 2, 2012

normal || "Bad" - Tablo ft. jinshil

The bro came in when I was struggling with the 45 min question , telling me about hair products (whut? LOLLL) so I stared at him blank-faced until he got the hint. THEN I SOLVED THE QUESTION and ran out jumping like crazy and pulled him about shouting I'M A GENIUS!!


I think he's pretty much convinced I mood-swing like a seesaw. Luckily he's nice enough to put up with it hahaha.

thanks for the advice :) creativity works! or I'm just super-creative haha :D

I thought this guy was GD when I first heard it :O

(it's self-beration, of course. How could it be anything else?)

I don't know. I dislike knowing but not for sure, when it's supposed to be for sure, for sure. I hate not knowing why when no one's supposed to not know themselves.

as each word reverberates through him, through me and the surroundings like an echoing beat

I just realised this song actually matches! haha~

aah. I don't believe in it, you know? it's not all for nothing. it won't all turn to ashes crumbled in the flames. so yvonne: you forced me to face what I couldn't face, in a beautiful torrent of printed words. and once it was out, all the sharp edges disappeared. thanks :) be strong - you are! or he would never have ---. ...ouch.

(don't cry E! ><)

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