Saturday, February 18, 2012

|| "Lose Myself" - Joy Williams

you know better than people who know me better, when I can and when I would talk. It's quite uncanny. But really, that wasn't nice at all. Not as if I was nice either, anyway :/

oh no I really shouldn't lash out, especially when I'm not even angry. It just came out that way. Which is probably worse, maybe. This is not that great, no good really :) 

yes, see, that's the kind of contrast that needs to be accomplished. right this shall be a recharge weekend!! come back to school alive and happy hahaha. 

sir signed me and jiax up for an course so we can take our 2nd dan! (like one year from now LOLL) it's an unarmed combat course!! :D :D I'm super excited but - yes, I know, what on earth have I been learning for nearly 2 years then?? haha! I was training for the right to join this course :P :P 

some indian kids and one japanese baby boy and 1 rgps girl just joined. zz. 

it's so glaringly obvious it should be no surprise. If it is, I will grin.

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