Saturday, February 25, 2012

lalala~ || "All The Pennies" - Mindy Gledhill

haha y'know it keeps slipping to the tip of my tongue; I keep biting it back, because these kinds of words will only fall - like crystal balls. tell me my future, I'll tell you yours, ahhaha. wonderful, ayye :)

all the sunny California weather~ <3

and oh I did start zzzing off during the play haha! It was really good though! I just sort of stoned during the long monologues, 'cause even though it's really funny and all, the accents are kind of hard to follow. So I bother not~

The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard! very awesome :) :) I was kind of stunned when I heard the lines on how words matter, and how if you can arrange them just right, you can give the world a nudge. It tries to delve into the theme of love and what it is, what's a lover, what it's actually all about..and the dichotomy between reality/fiction, (interestingly) bargains/commitments - and by extension, changeability/stability.

When the actors started acting plays within the play, everyone got confused haha! esp when one started scolding another actor for screwing up his lines, said "I don't care I can't take this anymore" and stormed off the stage. but it was actually part of the act! nice (Y) why's he trying to blur the lines between real and not real? his point? I don't know~

since the main theme is love, adultery, changeability of feelings - and the neverchanging feelings that will always remain despite other changes, perhaps the message is that what is 'real' and 'not real' is really subjective? Maybe they can sometimes mingle in a sort of gray area because no one really knows what's true and what's not, especially since feelings can be so confusingly ambiguous?

but feelings are honestly one of the most fundamental things, right? so if they're non-concrete and can be perceived inaccurately, then what does that say, life? hmm, that it's one big mistake? nah, I think not - to always keep an open mind, perhaps. this play is actually a sort of catalyst for people to understand others better?

wow, so wonderful! (Y)

out of everything, did that really stay in your mind? >< haha! :) :)

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