Thursday, February 23, 2012

|| "I Do Adore" - Mindy Gledhill

what will come, will come. gosh why did I make such a stupid mistake D:

anywayyy. anyway T^T.

on a completely diff note I made the muffins!!! and I'm really surprised at how nice they are :D :D since they have no eggs and no butter, I thought it'd be weird and stuffies! but it's not ;D okay very proud hahaha :D learnt from my mistakes previously, I think these will stay amazing ^^=

chiong remedial homework. the coming block test is like a heart-spasming machine it makes me sad D:

no timeee~

oh today played tennis with solomon!!! :D it was super fun even though I can't seem to hit balls in anymore! but I've almost forgotten how great it feels to play gosh gosh and yeah even getting owned by his serve was amazing HAHA.

jess stomach get well soon!! >< ><

haha I think I sound weird. but I'm feeling kind of crazy now haha. the super mistake+baking+load of homework+tennis aftereffects+actually not much else, really.

oh and delving into the world of PCM with the captain hahaha that was super fun!! bio is funn :) :)

is there a biology baker hahah.

yay a long post (Y) :)

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