Sunday, February 26, 2012


'hey gor look at my notes!!' *shows bio notes* 'damn nice right!!! right?? right??! :D :D :D'

'...' -.- 'why aren't you doing your work? =.= =.='

'I AM!!'

hahaha lame omg omg super funny. tonight got Up! :D

okay but seriously my bio notes are freaking awesome. like AWESOME! I'm so proud of drawing. haha!


eyyo you guys keep ignoring her putting her down not listening to her niaoing her not taking her seriously. she does what you guys do to her once and it's like the antichrist. wt? what's the big deal. what on earth is. the. big. deal?

it's more like you're the one being horrible, kay. every little thing is some blow to you/your pride hello why has every sentence suddenly become a snide directed at you? I know I've been angsty and all. hey, yo. so have you. you might be showing restraint but your fuse is way short. like me. no wonder we're related.

don't shout.



cut through the glass. because it's there even if it blends in perfectly. It's effortless hypocrisy, because all you have to do is not step in. Stand outside. And watch.

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