Thursday, February 2, 2012

normal || "Arrival Of The Birds" - Cinematic Orchestra

'cause you know you got a mean streak :(

mr. unknown person who wrote an interesting library book:

Saying such facts that are completely diverged from human emotion, do you think they have a choice? 

I disagree. the 'they' in your passages are not morons because they do not do what they ought. as if life fits in an equation :P

trial and error; (I take it there's a trial period?)

Fingertips playing at the peak of the dancing fire. The searing heat flickers like the rapid unsteady beat of a heart.

It's hot but I hold, then stretch further out, lean closer in, and wait for the tactile to retreat again.

It hurts but I hold and burn slowly because I know you would thrust your hand in, turn, and smile.

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