Tuesday, February 14, 2012


as opposed to 'not saying anything bad about people', the resolution to 'believe that everyone is nice' is incredibly amazing, I think. 



Day :) 


*rose* ;D

*lots of xoxo*

I agree. What? - I wonder. Why? - I wonder? For how long? - I wonder... 

Just let me be like this, like now, like how - I wonder. 

qian bian

I am honestly quite amazed at it all, all of the things that have been proved endurable. Surmountable. insert synonym! :D 

Of dreaming there’s a goal ahead, of hoping when our dreams are dead,
Of praying when our hopes have fled. Yet, losing, not afraid to fall, 
-- The Road Ahead Or The Road Behind, George Moriarty

I actually think it was a good poem, y'know, maybe out of context but they were too harsh. good job! :D

watching yanrui sprint  2.4 (not 0.24 HAHA) - okay being passed by him - and realizing HMM. it's completely difficult. wow. 

I WILL FINISH 11B. and yes solomon I can jump higher than your foot!!! LOLLL HAHA. 

short = easy navigation/ no overhead risks :PPPP 

nice origami! (Y) thanks :) 

lose match not equals bad tennis hey? you're good! :D 

cheer! things will get better :) 

running will get easier over time hahaha with practice it will really it will, good job pushing till the end! ;)) <333

whoaaa chocolate aroma omnomnom <33 


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