Sunday, January 8, 2012

annoyed || "This Little Girl" - Cady Groves

very funny, mr. toenail. what the hell's going on in your head?

hahaha. this is very funny. okay, humour, don't desert me now.

it's really amazing that a guy would think that the best way to get a girl is by telling her friends, her classmates, her teachers - her teammates (shit! humour!) that he likes her! wow! a thousand points, einstein.

maybe you could try telling the girl?

I mean, that would be the fastest and easiest way to get this farce over and done with. come on, and it is a farce, do you dare deny it D<

otherwise if this gets out of hand I'll actually have to find you to tell you to stop. I don't like it. I hate it. please, please stop it.

just find me and tell me and hear me say no, my gosh, story ends in less than 5 min.

I better stop here, humour is sweating bullets.

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