Monday, January 30, 2012

|| "Breakthrough" - Colbie Caillat

You are being very unfair. And so am I. And we both (probably) don't mean any harm.

Self-interest 100%, pain 110%, probably some gain...2%. Nothing ever comes out of doing things this way.

anyway tmr J1's are officially pouring in. yay. hahaha!

gosh I found a song from ages ago <33 her voice, my emotions, a perfect fit ^^=

after chem I stayed back to ask mrslee a chem question (yes, I'm so proud of myself!! haha! :D) then since we were going in the same direction we ended up talking for a while. she's really nice :) :) oh and in two sentences she uncovered a random fact from me, and revealed an interesting thought that she's had...eyyo.

slacking at tahan bench and watching joshua try to blow a bubble XDDD and making retarded faces hahaha!!

runrunrunrun see a retarded person beside me up the speed to some super cool numbers (Y)

andomgmycomtime is over wths gahhh. I WANNA PLAY. OKAY FORGET IT tmr's another day! yay! obvious yeah but tmr'll be funn :) :) because it will be! :D

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