Tuesday, January 3, 2012

|| "When You're Gone" - Avril Lavigne

this is the first time I can truly appreciate the term like 'a knife being pushed slowly in' (my stomach)

oh thanks guys for coming all the way to my house!! :D sorry I was asleep and haha I agree the security guard is too lax LOL. thanks for the concern <333 :) my auntie really likes you three btw :DDD she described you guys as 'the fair one with pimples and the dark one with pimples, and all three the same height' LOLL I guessed immediately haha!! I'm really very gan dong :) :) I made a wish <3 

I don't actually know how I got sick :O I woke up burning and perspiring like mad but I thought it was a bad dream. then I started feeling nauseous, so I decided to go for a run (sometimes it helps) I think I made it to NYPS, which is really pathetic, before I stopped and made for home feeling like crap D: then everything went downhill and after bathing and sending the last sms I just KO-ed on my bed.

stomach please get well :(

on a happier note...today I saw a ton of clothes I wanted to buy haha :D on the *real* bright side my appetite has died along with what I'm sure is a part of my stomach, so I might actually lose weight. LOL.

cheer up :) no, really, cheer up :) 'just be happy' is ridiculous, but life is so short..

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