Tuesday, January 24, 2012

so maybe this will be a kind of pilgrimage! :D which makes me a pilgrim....hahahaha nahhh.

I do do do want colbie's album <333

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I saw a cat on the way home today!! I actually went to try and make friends, but it kept giving me this o.O look :(  I followed it into the carpark at my house then the look turned to O.O!? hahaha so I left it alone~ eesh I shouldn't stalk cats. LOL. but it was really cute! 

eh wait, I just found something. 

...I think our yuan fen is very good.

but if that's the way you want it - then I'm really grateful for everything :) y'know I've been thinking about it alot. because there are times when it's cruel to----
----(DELETED T.T) 


For more amazing photos with  inspiring quotes click here! oh noooo

derrick's cuter. ---THE BEAR. hahaha!] 

cliche, but true!:  the issue isn't really what life throws, it's how you take it. 

(DELETED?!!?) ---
---...is it? :/ I dunno. I love my friends. I love my family. I love my bears even though they sometimes freak me out at night - like whatonearthisthatthingpokingmystomach oh it's your nose -.o 

think about it this freaking way: I'm deleting stuff because it's unfair to you, whoever you are, if I actually post it. I'm not trying to piss people off...am I? gahahah :D 

the main point of this post is probably that, I got a little stronger yeah? don't worry about me, if that's the thing that's..the thing. I think there are many types of friends, too :) I'm not referring to people-types here. 

am I just being delusional. haha. 

yay school is starting. I get to see all sorts of new stuffs :) :) let's all be <33 and..oh gosh I forgot to think up a chocolate-less, butter-less milk-less thing to bake hahaha this is going to be so fun :D

talking about fun today I held a tennis ball! okay not fun. today I threw a tennis ball! :D

and today gosh I learnt that 3 pineapple tarts = 1 MEAL WHAT THE??

omg they should just be captured and shot :P 

ahhh well the track looks like a O in :O right? it's calling my name~ 

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