Friday, January 20, 2012

A sheen on your eyes, a silence and a whisper that tore at the end. and I just kept on talking, looked away, then at the round white table because I honestly don't know why.

that's the crux of the matter because if I knew it, the elusiveness of the truth, the answer to the why, I wouldn't have done it - you wouldn't be tearing for me.

but I don't.


today cny was a blast. I suppose, because I didn't watch half of it. after choir I went to tahan room to prepare the card and stuffs, then went to try out the dream spot haha! since I didn't get to sleep (wushuuuu) I didn't get any dreams, but it was restful :)

island creamery has new flavours!! like dragonfruit, green apple, pineapple tart (okay not really new but I think it's only going to be available during cny) and peanut! gosh~~ I know I said it already (like 3 times) but 18 years old is a big deal so happy birthday zachary!! :D :D hope you enjoyed the ice cream haha! and I think the weighing scale is spoilt. heh :)


you know not telling me anything about your condition just makes me worry more. and telling me the extreme, worst case scenarios instead of the bare facts freaks me out. can you just give it to me the way you got it. otherwise I'm here worrying my head out wondering what the hell is going on, are you in the hospital, what the hell happened when no. you're in ntuc.

I don't blame you. how can I? just please - stop giving me these - quasi-heart attacks.


is there any reason why. no, really.

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