Monday, January 2, 2012

|| "Safe And Sound" - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars


1. THANK YOU wilsonners for being so nice and laughing and persevering~

2. must thank tahanners mehh. well, uh. we survived! good job~

okay the hot singapore night is making me recall all the happy times LOLOL.

3. really thankful to teacher chaperones


lt: thanks for being so constantly optimistic and for telling me so many interesting stuffs hehe :D for making friends with our dorm mates and hence making the stay a little less awkward ^^ for engaging in philosophical discussion! :D and being a great tent/dorm mate :) :)

mel: thanks for being so persevering during the trek!! I jue de you really seem to dislike slowing us down, and was very peifu (omg chinese ftw) when you kept trying to get up and continue trekking even after you sprained your ankle. tsk tsk. take better care of yourself!! thanks for being so mel-ly and awesome!

ce shun: haha good job calming things down everytime things got heated up in water discussions! :X thank you for bearing up under all the CE SHUNNNNN so well hahahaha and for catching me at all the times I was feeling down LOLOL. oh and for telling me to just be happy!

xiao jun: yo!!! thank you for being such a great dorm mate!! you prolly won't read this right, okay so I'm sorry about the times I had htht with lt even though you were in the dorm too >< >< as in, sorry cause it might have made you feel left out >< I think you are honestly a very nice person, thought so too after kapap. eh actually me you and lt kind of have yuan fen haha!! coincidental that us three both went for kapap and the trip :D let's hope we meet again in school!

hsiao fong: haha hello! thanks for encouraging the team even though you were just as cui, and for never complaining even though your back was slightly injured. this trip must have been tough for you since need to carry weights but you actually were one of the most enthu :) :)

arthur: awesome *claps* thanks for teaching me some cantonese haha! you might actually get the girl if you use that cantonese pickup line :D em, thanks for bearing up so well under all the water bottles we made you carry. and for keeping spirits high at the back with jokes!

siao I just realised wilsonners really got alot of people.

zhai: okay, that point during the trek when you started crying? believe me when I say I can understand to some extent how you felt. you sprained your ankle, was damn tired and prolly was scared of heights and going downhill, all that put together was probably quite an intense ball of fear. forgive joshrui for getting some things wrong, kay? :) they felt really bad about it afterwards, and were just trying to cheer you up. thanks for persevering through the tears~!

okay...LOL. that's all I'm gonna do for now. there so many!!! wait,

sherah: thanks for letting me hug you :D you're nice to hug! <3

SPECIAL BIRTHDAY MENTION: thanks tahanners!!!!!!!!!!!! <333 for the muffin haha which even had a candle! and for the gift which I'm sure zachary bought LOLOL but thanks for the gift and all the trouble that you guys went through to bringing on a trek :) <3 thanks for the notes which made me really happy and yeah yeah even got to niao in my birthday card ah JOSHUA but it was an awesome birthday, thanks so much :3 :3 :3 (seal face!) and omg the bear's been kidnapped I can't hug it and squish it nowwwww

waterman thanks for the birthday present in the waterproof container which I thought was a water container HAHA :D it was seriously super cool though when I first saw it the shape made me go UH xD it was really sweet :)

thanks for birthday present #2 omg...(was it chinese on purpose?? HAHA) I'll keep it safe :) I really really like it <3 x2 touched cause you've been saving up to buy stuff for yourself this whole hols :)

if I had a box of happy memories <3 well, I have a box with a teddy bear... :DD

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