Monday, January 2, 2012

||"Passenger" - Lisa Hannigan

the wilson trip was interesting. slightly less fun because of the role tahanners were supposed to play. but it was still pretty fun.

I can't help getting hurt at some of the comments, or insecure at what they talk about. maybe it's true. and maybe there's really no point caring, and feeling anything at all if these people don't matter to me.

at the same time, I could sort of see what it would be like if there were more girls in the team. different :) 'what if' is all supposition (better or worse?) so I'll leave it at, I love the 36th the way it is now :)

and omg. WATERMANNNNN. do you know how much I missed you!!!!! random things would happen and I'd straightaway think, if only the waterman was here instead. okay, wait. waity up.

disclaimer. wilson watermen are amazing people. really. I wouldn't mind becoming friends with them and all, they're nice and pretty great people. stuffs I say, I'm not trying to imply anything at all about the wilson watermen LOLOL

I think I've gotten too used to the kind of understanding us two waterpeople have built up. I mean, we both always know what's going on. we know what's going on with bottles, waterpoints, breaks and are aware of the whole waterscene. things that I miss, the waterman will point out and vice versa, we're a team. we pretty much have the same style of doing things. any issues about that are solved quickly, with simple explanation and acceptance from either side. being a watergirl is like an avenue for peace and quiet, basically a time to think and relax during some points of the trek. and a time to talk with the waterman haha.

but this time during wilson, it's like it was a source of permanent stress. being a watergirl for wilson was one of the lowest water experiences. I'd prefer doing it alone. as people, the wilson watermen are great but as waterpeople...could have been worse, yeah. LOL. actually none of them complained about the water filling and stuff, so. but I definitely would have preferred being alone. of course, I'd prefer waterpersonning with solo as compared to being alone! haha I'm creating cool words. and yep waterman it's a raincheck :)

a lot of things I'd like to zham but I've decided to take things with humour (you guys taught me that) and just laugh about it.

I still think it's pretty funny when my mom told me that the tahanners didn't look tired at the airport at all, and I told her we went on a guided tour. we're tourists~

haha on the whole good job wilsonners for completing the trek, especially since it's the first time most of you are trekking. for getting up in the freezing cold mornings and for bringing lots of nice seasonings (btw actually supposed to put seasonings in the pot not in 1 mess tin?) for persevering throughout the many ankle sprains (good thing they healed so fast, so we could dash out of the trail into civilisation at the end. but mel really...take care of your ankle man, resting for 15 mins is definitely okay! ><). wilson guys also quite zai, and btw zhonghui I think your comment on chenr's paper was super funny haha! :D

on another note, I'm sorry tahanners for not taking out almost any water weight at all. you guys are carrying the heaviest weights and even though I know you guys can take it, especially with the pace. but I'm still sorry :( it would be more prudent to take out from you guys before the girls, but in the end I prioritised the ones who were lagging and those who were getting cui.

good job yanrui for trying to sneak soyabean through the airport in your pants :D (Y)(Y)

oh and. I got a shock, completely, when you asked me that question. oh well. please keep in mind that though you're very perceptive you don't actually know everything.
I feel like I got to know (tahanners) some people better, but understood some less. whatever. I don't know anything too.

I think that the one day when there was a danger of needing to night trek was the worst. and all the water rationing and all that crap.

thinking everything through, I suppose this trip taught me alot too :)

and it was pretty fun ;)

and now I'm too lazy to unpack my bags...hehe :D except the dirty clothes of course LOL.

later! :)

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