Friday, January 6, 2012

:) || "夢一場" - Olivia Ong

okay this is actually kind of funny, since it's been so long. but after the first bad experience I've always tried to keep people out of my house. not that it's been out of bounds LOL since em hl nicoleC kw jiax (wait that's alot of people??) and some moree people have crashed too but I usually say no. nonono. guess why. haha. wait don't guess you'll never guess it anyway. well I was young, so even though now it's funny now....actually. actually it's really funny now hahaha!

and they always come for retarded reasons! I mean the ones after :) the 4 of them usually came to make birthday sushi (which is so much more fun to make than a birthday cake 'cause you can eat all the screwed up sushis hehehe :DD) and play the piano LOLL.

oh omg yvonne came and played the piano once and she blew my dad away. she's really really good (Y)

I miss them <33

wait, is my house a piano shop? ._.

okay main point is sorry haha my first reaction is always no. sorry~~ I'll get used to it one day. LOL.

but waterman your reaction was super funny (Y)!

and am I actually going to devote a whole post to this? why yes! because it's dinner time and

and I think there's some weird tomato-herb thingy soup that


tastes really good..


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