Sunday, January 22, 2012

okay before I start --looklook!

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hahaha! :D there is just something about moustaches that I find super funny haha!! not on people though. on people it's HAHAHA! even funnier!

kaykay kidding kidding some people can pull it off~ it's personal preference~ hehe. 

anyway guess what I found today! 

it's a poem! okay I bet you didn't guess that :D actually I was reading through an old copy of montage (nygh) and saw my name and was like OH! 

it actually takes me back to a dark room. that's cold and I remember I was feeling awful, and if I'm right my favourite teacher (Ms Sebastian!! <33) called me up to write a poem. on an animal? or on a natural disaster I can't recall.

so I went up and scribbled something, I just wanted to get out I think gosh I feel so bad :/ so in my angst I probably went on and on and this is the result! wait, disclaimer: you obviously know I'm putting it here because I'm really ego right. anyway I wrote it when I was sec1 so DON'T JUDGE! :P

The Snake Earthquake (yes, I hear you laughing already)

The stealthy slithering
Of the snake,
A jagged line
Forms the quake.
The snake struggles
To escape from
The merciless quake.
Its blood red eyes
Are twin to those distress lights
Flashing urgently, incessantly; 
The malicious hiss
Is undermined
By the screaming
Alarm that grinds on the ears.
Total destruction - 
Houses demolished
The remains charred, pitiful.
Hear, faintly, a self-satisfied hiss.

And believe me, I wanted to edit this badly especially lines 5-7 but I remain honest to my sec1 self. I just added in a full-stop and I'm sure that has to be a typo, because I'm convinced I wasn't dumb enough to not...put a full stop there...okay my morals are struggling. uh.

I think at the time I was translating my bad mood into a poem as destructive as possible. to, I suppose, broadcast it to the world. but that's not what happened since I'm such a doofus so what happened was Ms Sebastian gave me a strange look (a kind of one brow slightly raised and a half-smile look) and asked me if I would like to have it in montage. hahaha I think I was stunned. 

reading it now is a different experience. because did I know what I was writing? did I know how it would be interpreted. but I think I was just scribbling, so this is a coincidence, not intent. because, why is the snake "struggling to escape", its eyes "twin to those distress lights/ flashing urgently", portraying a desperate attempt to flee, yet it's hiss is "malicious" and "self-satisfied", descriptions which incriminate the snake. You don't feel self-satisfied when you've just barely escaped alive, you feel self-satisfied if you're malicious, maybe, and you've just caused total destruction, a scene of utter chaos. 

maybe the snake started the earthquake with an evil intent, but found itself nearly killed by the raw power it unleashed. but it seems like the snake at times is the quake, and this is supported by the structure of the poem - short lines, no paragraphs, long, like a snake or yup, an earthquake. it's as if the snake and the quake are somehow intertwined, and hence it's not quite right to say that the snake is escaping the quake, if it is the quake.

is this an internal conflict of some sort? a being trying to escape from the destruction that it has chosen, frightened, everything inside quite unsure and scared ("eyes...flashing urgently", "struggles") yet when it communicates with the world the only way it can (its hiss) it presents itself as evil?

I guess so. funny part is I probably never thought this much when I wrote it.

haha omg this is like some analysis post. tomorrow is be thick-skinned day -___- 

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awwww! <33

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OMG :d

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