Saturday, January 7, 2012

:) || "I Won't Let You Go" - James Morrison

flashback to something you said - not to me; the way you said it

I didn't even see your face

don't ever want to hear it again

that's my motivation.


there's a elephant convention in botanic garden! :) :) there was a happiness elephant <33 haha I totally hugged it.

:) :) :)


LOL. aye. what you not feeling bad about doing bad for. but it's fine, everyone has their weak moments. it's deserved, even all the mean-weak moments, the crushing, sapping-weak moments, we still deserve those moments.

I won't drag it out in its shreds but I won't humour you. like I said...

wait, I said 'always be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle'

:/ err. it's just that, do you honestly think I didn't [am not] notice [noticing]?

but heyy it's still fine. I am still, still stronger than that ;)

we are all stronger than that! okay haha this has no reference to anything but I believe so. not 'everyone' all but all, all.

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