Saturday, January 21, 2012

I can hear some stuffs wailing in the dustbin...BUT NO. you guys will stay there! so much junk in my room omg!! and don't know why it seems even messier now. sigh. round #2 coming up~!

I watched black swan just now and it was freaking scary. Halfway through I had to ask my bro (who was gaming in the hall haha) to check whether it was a horror movie but apparently it wasn't. I hope I don't get nightmares :( must spam happy images and cute stuff now because it was really really scary.

but I was quite surprised at some parts of the movie - they actually filmed that? haha it's really tough being an actor. seriously. some scenes..

and today afternoon my dad gave me a talk. but that sounds wrong. a motivational speech. (that sounds too pompous)

It was just a talk. I suppose. he's amazing lah, he has a kind of intuition when it comes to me (and probably my mom and bro but I never asked) I don't think I can ever become an amazing parent like him :) :) there's a lot to live up to.

things I want to do when I'm 17 (goals not involving studies):

paint my room

read some awesome classics <33 books by Mark Twain, The Rainbow by D.H. Lawrence, Shakespeare (and this one name means a few kg's worth of reads ><), Virginia Woolf, Into The Wild, and some teen reads that'll make me go awww ^^= actually all the big names are just 'cause as a lit student I better know them LOLL. but I think they'll be fun :)

catch up with old friends

bake at least 3 new things!! :D

dress the way I want to dress LOLL

watch The Hunger Games!! the book was so awesome I'll be really sad if the movie bombs :(

eyyo I feel like no life like that.


ughh no I don't want to get stomach problems!! okay. let me rephrase. interesting but nice? and hopefully safe food :) --ohohoh sour sally in ion is SUPER NICE :DD and they have mochi toppings!! which is actually kind of weird. haha. so I'll try smth different next time. actually I think I eat enough weird things as it is :/

learn how to meditate for half an hour.

and value the people around me more. take them less for granted? yup. but this doesn't really fit the kind of list I'm making--


restring the guitar

wahhh what is it with this list..

have fun! :)

------------this one is a secret

------------and this one is impossible.

still! :)

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