Thursday, January 26, 2012

hellooooo my eraser's perfect match! :D

talking about perfect matches...hahahha! ;))) 

I suppose what strikes me most is the sense of solidness, the stability/ grounded-ness of your relationship. yupp :D and a hundred other cheesy words LOLOL. it's just really very sweet how honest and comfortable it is. I truly hope for your happiness :) :) :) no pressure, yeah? haha! 


I wasn't emo-ing lah. just hungry :D 

actually I was trying to figure out how someone would climb down from the 2nd storey if the stairs were blocked (Y) 

actually I was trying to act tall

actually I was trying to catch a breeze

heheh :D


thanks dorothy!!! 

maybe I can ask my dad to teach me malay LOL. half my family's in malaysia so that has a lot of benefits! if not for the fact they all speak dialect .__. 

being a senior should be a lot of fun :D yes, orientation is important, and so is orientation hike. can't wait to see what kind of crazy people we rope in ;D 


I'm a long way from it, but if you won't even say thanks properly you can buy your own damn burgers yourself next time D< stuuuupid! 

obviously I'll still buy it for you next time .___. 


oh bio lesson today super epic hahaha!!! "guys are just like with it!" LOLLLLLL 

feels so sad to think that way. forever dumbos. but he really has no excuse omg a married man. definitely old enough to have grown some brains LOL. of course...we only heard 1 pov, and it's no good judging based on one view. but still~! anyway I like mrsl haha so I shall take her side :P 

if guys can be idiots sometimes I suppose girls can be emotional too :)


tahan stretching club (Y) hear all the ARGHHHHHHHH HAHA 

being creative \^^/

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