Friday, January 13, 2012

|| "Beautiful" - Eminem

I thought it was over. I thought - not that I was free from the struggle, but at least that I was free from the end. Why now? Why today? I thought it was over and done with I thought - 

and I can hear it going on and on and on and trying, trying so hard but it hits the blackness that's like a wall, like a bottomless pool, like emptiness, and I can't go past it. and it's still calling out, but it's not a guiding beacon, it's the sound of hope lost and the knowledge of the abyss ahead and it's just letting go because it knows. 

I grew up learning that people who live hardships wishing that they're just in a nightmare, and they'll wake up - those people are weak. now I don't think so. they're not trying to run away. they have nowhere left to run. 
no, you guessed wrong. believe me, you guessed wrong. 

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