Sunday, December 25, 2011

|| "Winter Wonderland" - Jason Mraz

hahaha omg any more junk food and we'll, I don't know, mutate or something!

two people in the last two days have said things to warm the cockles of my heart hahaha such a weird expression. 

(all the reactions in my head, I can't do anything and the recoil is devastating)

thank you~~~~ melted heart is a puddle on the floor <3 

Hahahahahha my brother came in to poke me. younger sisters of the world, jiayous!

leaving for airport tonight, will be in hong kong tomorrow :) 

bears are like these super-cute things you can squish really hard and stroke their furry-ness, and feel all the bad feelings leak out. 

because- disillusionment. 

struggling feelings, to find non-existent truth. struggling against my own rules because bullets are smashing out the rear end of the gun. even if I aim at nothing. even if I didn't shoot. 

to put things in language mr. bear can understand (it's my brother's birthday present, I kope!) it's time to throw the gun. 

how weird, christmas should have words like candy cane and fruit cake and white bushy beards and happy! :D there, I've got all the words :)

merry christmas all you merry people! :) :) it's a wishing day! it feels like they'll come true, if it's today ;)

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