Wednesday, December 14, 2011

upset || "Talk That Talk" - Rihanna

yayy today was actually a pretty awesome day~ except I somehow managed to piss off my dad so I have to get off the com in like -3 mins ._. honestly I have no idea what he's so angry about. 1. I didn't ask for it, no one asked me if I wanted the mushrooms (yes, mushrooms...oh, the irony) so when I said no, I don't want to finish them, and you didn't say anything I thought it was okay. Then when I took my plate and stood to leave you just exploded and told me to just eat the mushrooms! 

HUH. and when I got angry - the way I get angry without saying a word - you didn't say anything. except stalk in the com room later and warn me about giving face and my attitude which I think is pretty funny, since from sec 1 you're always going on and on about my attitude 'ever since I got into NYGH' (a LOT of times)/ 'ever since I took up a part time job' (ditto) and now, what. ever since the holidays started? what a joke. this isn't attitude, okay? it's me swallowing all the actually reasonable arguments I have because I know there's no point, you'll just override me with the same parent's prerogative arguments, getting more mad in the process.

the whole 'eat whatever's on your plate argument' crumbles pathetically if you actually just think about it. firstly, it wasn't on my plate. I scoop my own damn food. if it's not on my plate, I don't want it. if I say I don't want it, I don't want it. 2. say that since you meant it for me, it's figuratively on my plate. there's something called leftovers, which we have nearly every night. what happened to finishing everything?

I didn't even roll my eyes. I didn't even look at you. I just sat down and stoned for one minute and then I ate the damn mushrooms! what the hell did I get scolded for? I already said I didn't want them, didn't I?

*everyone's against me moment*

okay, I'm calm again. sort of. I need to get the hang of that, about not making a big deal out of small things. I should have just eaten the stupid things in the first place.

yesyesyesyesyesyesyesfreakingyes the only answer that's supposed to leave my mouth

yes I have attitude.

yes I'm getting from bad to worse.

yes I'm giving you face.


aghhhhhh it was supposed to be about the happy recce. uff.

I'll do it, I promise, I was looking forward to all the retarded things to write!

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