Sunday, December 11, 2011

torn up || - my conscience

how does style and form shape meaning? 

like I know. 

I had a serious talk with my mom today (no, nothing about form and meaning haha). she's always really blunt about some things, and it usually hurts. thing is, this time I found out some things that...I really had no idea about. it's something to think about. 

I'm not - I want to say - I'm not like that! At all. I'm not the kind of person you say I am. I don't close myself off the way you say I do. And I don't - 

but I do? Do I? Is that what it's called? 

and when did it start? 

Oh, great. I think I suddenly have the perfect inspiration for that wild sargasso sea sonnet that I promised to do today. okay. on to it.

ps: I won the chess game :) haha. was really happy, but really he owns me at everything, everything else

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