Saturday, December 3, 2011

|| "Things Are Gonna Get Better" - David Archuleta

Beau Lotto: Optical illusions show how we see

and the main point I took from it was that apparently how we perceive things now depends on how our brain has learnt to perceive these things, in specific situations. So perhaps if an xyz sequence of words or actions in the past led to you feeling happy, then the same xyz sequence today (of course in a different situation, it can't be exactly the same) would make you feel happy too. and that is whether or not you actually had any cause to feel happy.

so a flower on your desk in primary school during valentine's made you happy

a flower on your desk any other day a year later would make you happy too!

okay that has too much bias in it, but you get the idea. that's pretty cool :DD

unfortunately it also means that how we perceive things now is highly dependent on our past experiences.

which also basically throws the whole 'the most important time is now' notion out the window, because it seems like the most important time is the past.

which I refuse to believe, and anyway now, as in the present moment now, is the next second's past. 'Now' is a second away from being a 'just now' so if we consciously make the effort to perceive things differently now, we're changing the past to change the future. now am I making sense? hahahah :D

which means that the most important moment is the present!! thank you thank you I take my bow :D

back to Ted~
my heart and I, we need to have a talk. STOP SCREWING ME UP! what are you doing to me?

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