Saturday, December 17, 2011

|| "Stitch By Stitch" - Javier Colon

sometimes I feel like writing - in the general meaning - is a little...selective? biased? if those are the right words. Because it's the author who chooses what to zoom in on, and what to utterly disregard. of course that's necessary, and you can't tell a story by detailing every insect in the park when the action's in the gunfight by the fountain, but when we read about it, we only see what we're meant to see. and hear what we're meant to hear.

if there was an actual reality in a book, it might be completely different from the one that we've read, because the author's perception of it was completely different from that reality. although that's not quite right either, because you could say that there's a different reality for every person, and hence the author's reality is just as genuine as any one else's.

anyway my point would be - uhm. that whatever I write is only a sort of zoom-in on certain events. but it doesn't always mean that what I choose not to zoom in on, did not impact me as strongly or more strongly, than what I did zoom in on.

I'm selfish that way :D haha.

tomorrow pig's leaving :( I'll be sad to see her go.

haha and today yanrui made us all laugh for x amount of time, because of super funny souvenirs from taiwan!!! the dog whistle's on my study table in a place of honour ^^= and the flower hair tie's next to the flower clips. I wonder why I consistently receive flower stuffs as souvenirs - not that I'm complaining~  :) :)

oh and the chess match!! thanks for playing with me haha! I shall work hard and become good enough to...

actually I wonder what will happen when I consistently reach my goal. haha. that would be weird.

but seriously thanks for playing xDD sorry, I think I'll take up joshua's suggestion on going online to play. I think I need the experience if I want to win my ultimate goal AND I WANT TO WIN. just once by luck is no good xP


shizzles~ the best way to face problems is head-on. better get going girl gogogogo.

okay but a bit of stalling:

today tkd after class I stayed back a bit to rehearse the jang I was supposed to know but somehow forgot haha! luckily I remembered enough so sir just corrected two mistakes and I'm good to go~

then when it was just me and the family with the cute kids who can do a 3 cartwheel and a split combo, AJ came back and somehow, really I don't know how, we ended up talking about how to hook up girls LOLOL!! haha actually it was a lot more than that but when it got to that topic it was seriously so interesting (and funny!!!) with all the human psychology and stuffs inside that I didn't notice until...I did LOL. EHH WAIT WHY AM I LEARNING THIS :O :O 

'cause I assure you I never want to hook up a girl. but it was super interesting hearing about how guys get about doing it hahaha!!

then the topic change to morals, complicated relationships and an unrequited 11 year love omg. we ended up talking for like 1 hour and got chased out the room cause they were closing up, so he walked me to the mrt (I'm getting pei-ed quite a bit today?) and told me some interesting things.

there was something I didn't tell him, though. about the story which I'm not going to tell. I didn't tell him that maybe she dared to push him far away only because she trusted he would forgive her. the only thing that gave her the confidence to keep him at such a long distance is probably the knowledge that he'd always be her friend. or something like that. probably I couldn't say it because it's really quite a horrible thing to say, or know. and it's not like that for everyone, anyway. just that, the way he said the story, it seemed to me to be a big possibility.


I tried talking it out with pig but she got all annoyed. maybe she knows she's leaving tmr? haha, I'm humouring myself. I don't know why _______ bothered me so much either, but it did. wait, I tried reasoning it out and I think I know why.

but, haha. I think this is one of those memories I won't ever forget.

I'm an idiot that way, too :/

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