Friday, December 2, 2011

sneezy || "Thunder" - Boys Like Girls

I have this sneaking suspicion that an infusion is something to put in your bath. because the one I'm drinking sure tastes awfully gross. and it's even - courtesy of joshua - strawberry flavoured! strawberry-infused hahaha.

ewwwww it's yucky xP

my dad hypotheses that every time the weather gets cold I get a cold, so, I should wear a jacket and the problem'll be solved.

I sure hope so.

Eesh if I'm like this now hongkong will be a joke. maybe I should sit in front of the fan at speed 4 and force my body to gain some cold immunity. or I might kill myself, but ahh well. as if I'm not sneezing myself to death already~

what if - hahaha. what if germs can be passed through the net hohoho.

come to think of it I've never seen pig sneeze.

okay I'm going to sleep LOL.


sorry to disappoint you. even if I made it such that it'll be sooner or later,

I'd rather later.

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