Saturday, December 24, 2011

sleepy || "All About Us" - He Is We

the french don't differentiate the words love and like, and I actually do think they have the right idea there. well, perhaps not really haha but I get where they're coming from.

and I really like this song! I started singing it during sparring (after class so the kids didn't see me at max retardedness) and started waltzing out of the blue - then jiax was like o.O and attacked with a 3 kick combo haha!

learned the tough lesson that sometimes the safest thing to do is move forward, not run away. dance the narrow line that makes the sparring even, but it's scary cause losing focus = kick to the head. or the- HAHA. jeepers good blocking reflexes is really important :D

I'm going to regret this tomorrow (later today!) but MY HAIR IS STILL WETTTTT. I don't like the hairdryer and my hair takes ages to dry aww. so let's see.

shizz I need to do the waterplan. I need a map, ugh. satellite's confusing. if there's really no map I shall just do it LOL but I hope there's a map. watermannnn D: now who's going to keep me from getting lost haha! and endure all sorts of waterman crap with me LOL (while the tentmen/medic/cook endure crap of their own, everyone jiayous)

not that that changes anything, really, smile lots and shizzle~ everyone shall be happy aye? on the other hand, if my teeth are chattering really hard during the trek, that can be my excuse for not talking. yepyep I have exceptions, of course.

and I confided to my confidante (yes, good choice right) and she started laughing so hard halfway that I was kinda stunned. she tried to give her explanation on what has bamboozled me for a while, and hmm. I wasn't right on some counts.

okay, actually after she explained I started laughing like mad too and we were in a crowded mrt so it was quite funny.

yeah, I shouldn't have done some things. but I don't think I was - okay, wait. you probably know that 'everything after the but is bullshit' rule, just try to forget it for now, kayy? from my perspective (from any girl's perspective) that looked like he was being bullied. and that everyone was being assholes. *EVERYONE = a to z, and all the cute little 1's that pepper our world*. my reaction wouldn't have changed, though, even if it was the troll :/ of course, now that I sort of get it, I'd do differently.

and maybe I know why no one explained anything, and the other viewpoint; but I don't think I was completely wrong either.

but I won't debate the point, because 1. I'm not a guy.
2. it's 2 am
and 4. I don't like debating with myself

zzzz. should I continue this till 3? hehe. or should I sleep with wet hair. nah.

hl I love you <3333 and em. thank you guys :) :) :) I've always sucked at staying in touch but I'll try really hard kay. and make it a habit haha. things to search for in hk:
- mango pudding
- a poster of dim sum and milk tea?? hahaha! :DD
- something for sir who wanted to invite me and jiax to a christmas turkey dinner! there's even a new year's one omg <33 okay, something for sir who has taught us all the cool moves :DD
- something for AJ? LOL. forget it, all he wants is girls (kidding)
- for sy
- jiax & her brother who has a great sense of humour

okay forget it I don't want to continue LOL. zzz. cause this list might become long (and boring) and you know who you are, thou who art not mentioned :D

haha why are you still reading? you're awesome. (Y)

and I want to curl up in my bed so goodnight~ :) another night of tummy sleeping so my pillow'll stay dry, hmmmm :)

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