Saturday, December 17, 2011

|| "Never Say Never" - The Fray

Pig's gooooone D': I think she somehow really knew, when I lifted her to put her in the carrier, she didn't struggle at all (she does when she knows it's bath time) but just hung looking dejected :( or maybe that was hopeful LOLOL.

her owner was really nice, and so was her mom. apparantly they just came back from a 1 month trip to hong kong, and seems like the weather there is cold but pretty good. in their entire stay it only rained for 1-2 days, so lets cross fingers and toes and eyes and hope that we don't kena :)

And it's quite funny but her mom is probably a native from hong kong. and yeah haha she speaks only cantonese (I think it was cantonese) and chinese and some english. I totally forgot how to say hong kong in chinese which made for some hilarious (now it's hilarious) moments...haha! oh and they got me a wallet as a souvenir! :) it's really nice too! I think I have to retire my elmer jr wallet anyway.

it's sad, though. that wallet's been with me for...three years? present from a good friend :)

thank God we are all growing up.

I'll really really miss pig. ummm :'( but after taking care of a guinea pig for 1 month, I think if I ever got a pet I'd want one that runs around and makes a nuisance of itself and keeps wanting to go out and is big enough to hug and barks and runs around the house. LOL! I suppose a dog would be good? :DD I think I'm going to have to take care of a pet before I ever have children. I'm not making any weird comparisons, but the amount of patience, care and devotion needed for a pet is less than that needed for a child, so...if I can't deal with the former, the latter is out of the question.

I'll throw elmer jr tomorrow. I just don't have the capacity to throw it today.

anyway about training. Just in case...mince words. mincemeat words. hm.

well I think the wilson trainees are doing pretty good :) they're striving hard, yeah. the ones that turn up, anyway.

I can't help finding it amusing when I see them struggle with navigating the ground. a little mean but it's really quite funny haha! it's probably something that comes with experience. and, after cuisheng's kamikaze dash down ophir, I think we've got some pretty heavy experience LOLOL.

about mel's sprained ankle, I wonder if we could have done anything differently to make her evacuation easier/more efficient. I can't really think of anything though. maybe we could have immediately made her sit down and apply deep heat, then the ankle guard? before going down the stairs. I'm not sure if that was possible, or a better solution.

but haha luckily had the waterman to carry her haversack. inventing a cool way to carry a bag + haversack too! LOLOL I wonder if zhonghui has asked him any lateral thinking questions :) :)

OH AND. I found out 'you're beautiful' shows on channel u tonight!!!! and it's the first episode so I didn't miss any yayyyy! <33

I got called young and dumb HUH! okay, I take offence at dumb (but not much~ cause it's you lah) but whatever. whatever as in I don't mind, so it's here as an amusing thing LOL. tsk getting niao-ed alot. ANTI-NIAO! *whips out pheasant gun*

celebrated yanrui's birthday in the morning. I was late, I don't want to talk about it. But I hope he understood why we bought that cake. it would be awful if he thought otherwise. I actually feel kind of bad. ...very bad LOL. hmm maybe I'll give him a christmas present :) I think he's really a very amazing person.

I feel conflicted between talking with teammates and going to talk to the wilsonners/ making them feel more comfortable. the latter's definitely something that I need to do, but the former's just more fun. and I'd rather spend time with teammates, just like people would rather spend time with their closer friends. I'm just a bloody hypocrite because I'd rather we stuck together and the wilsonners had their own cliques, of course while everyone's friends.

(I do admire you, you know)

and I realise I've been writing alot these last two posts? haha. maybe I'm ranting.
please don't. I'm not pushing away anymore, so please - don't. it'll just make things worse. 

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