Friday, December 9, 2011

haha || "The Mess I Made" - Parachute

I just ate my culinary experiment. my auntie came in halfway (when I was cooking, not eating) and went all o.O, exclaiming 'what is that?!' 

hahaha I actually started laughing 'cause I didn't know what it was either!! okay so first there was an egg inside <3 then some sweet potato (raw) koped from tonight's dinner, as well as...ginger (tasted awful with egg) and garlic and bellpepper (from the fridge). and light soya sauce and pepper and milk hahahahhahah omg now that I'm writing it down I can't believe I actually ate it!!!

BUT IT TASTED PRETTY GOOD 'KAY. just no ginger and sweet potato next time and use a frying pan instead of stainless steel container-pan and it'll turn out VUNDERFUL :P

omnomnom. actually it was pretty nice hahaha I must have been really hungry.

and before the egg I gave pig a bath!! she smells nice and piggy now :) :) and looks really cute and huggable!! but when I hugged her she turned around (so her butt was to my face) and started chewing my shirt so uh no. no hugging.

then before that was cardio gym in school at 10, though I was *ahem* sidetracked and reached at 10.15 haha. sorry >< saw the waterman seriously owning the elliptical trainer :O then I ran but I'm getting too easily bored now D: anyway I finished 5.2 I'm planning to increase 400m every day till 8k hahha but I'm already getting abrasions in...never before places. well whatever plasters work.

then went up to weights room to figure out who's there 'to show off to' (eh, waterman?) and saw zachary! and omg weights room was bursting o.O all guys trying to bulk up haha okay wait cannot laugh hahaha. I think when I was younger I thought guys just grew muscles naturally, and weightlifters were these lucky guys with super strong muscle genes LOLOL.

oh I realised my story timeline's been going backwards. so now to skip forward after gym we ate lunch together! I don't know why I like heibai (aka michael jackson aka soyabean with grass jelly) but I really like it :) :) :)

huh thinking about it a reason's quite redundant isn't it? I don't know why I like reading, I just do. hmm. strange.

and I have tkd later tonight but I'm super tired already and jiax's not coming cause she's in vietnam aww D: not going to be so fun (omg I retyped this three times cause I kept typing 'pun')

I shall stop here~ I burned two fingers so I don't wanna type anymore :P

tmr's training! :D SMILE DEAR. don't let your heart drop to your stomach so fast. the troll won't be there to save it next time D:

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