Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Misspelling '' as is actually more genius than I thought because, it sounds like as well as!!! LOL! and it's actually a website, which includes psychic readings in its services hahahahha okay I just wasted a few minutes of my life but it made me laugh so it wasn't a total waste :DD

I still haven't plugged in the thumbdrive of endless movie delights because I'm afraid to find rated stuff inside~ hahaha kidding :D
Cosmo's first thought was to run. It was his second thought too. - Supernaturalists, Eoin Colfer
books like Into The Wild are infinitely more alluring but this is a pretty good book too! :D and this time when I was reading, I noticed a lot of things that never struck me before. I wonder what my thoughts on the book would be like years from now? Almost like reflections of my changes in perception. oh but right, the quote made me laugh LOLOL. run. runrunrunrunrunnnnn

And I did Zed by Rosemary Harris for my book review. Zed's uncle is the pinnacle of human compassion and wisdom, and he died by silently taking the place of his brother to be the first hostage shot. It was certainly heroic, and he did it so that Zed wouldn't see his father killed, but he had a son of his own, and his selflessness resulted in his widowed wife and son to struggle alone. was it a good act, or bad? maybe it was neither, but he decided to do it or else he couldn't face himself afterwards? thinking about it that way, it's almost selfish. that's strange, because it's supposed to be heroic.

I feel like doing chemistry experiments in the kitchen.

like baking~ <33

or finding out what happens if you fry jelly - or - hahah!

I shall watch Dan In Real Life (okto!) in 15 mins :) :)

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