Thursday, December 15, 2011

|| "Final Goodbye" - Rihanna

I wonder if my parents know if I have a blog? cause today my mom made this dinner that exclusively featured mushrooms ._. oh well okay...okay, so I was wrong. I'm not convinced I was completely wrong, but I do know I'm definitely not right. :/


and I want to talk about the recce but it's top secret info! I unfortunately want to keep my thoughts all to myself this time :D

okay wait, I promised. hmm.

well we got lost, and lost, and more lost haha! and after finding the correct path, it turns out there was live firing practice going on right then LOLOL so we couldn't go ahead. there was a dog with post-war syndrome who kept following joshua - and the snake that gave joshua a shock of his life LOL!

and zhonghui was being a tall person and zachary was being a sick (literally LOL) person okay end of story.

no but it was really fun xD

oh and a car ran over a mystery fruit! it was like bam, instant pancake-fruit. fruit-pancake.

I have a guilty conscience. and it's leaking out from every finger. time to sign out~

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