Friday, November 25, 2011

zz. || "Vision" - Hildegard Von Bingen

haha having an interesting conversation. and to think that up till now I've disdained sms convos. oh well.

the only comment I can make about tkd is that AJ sent two targets flying to the ceiling. literally. I was holding one of them. super. crazy.

hahah 2.07 a.m. omg I'm going to die for tmr.

oh well my hair's still wet anyway.

pig update:
she's going for a sort of checkup tmr, hope there's nothing wrong with her. and I got the screens from daiso so now she can go play in the balcony! ^^= my dad thinks she'll eat the plants hahaha
*update over*

I'm supposed to go with my gut instinct. but what if it's wrong? I'm supposed to go with my gut instinct but maybe I can't even see that path. what am I afraid of? and what does it matter?

forget it, tomorrow will tell. And I'll be keeping mum about love lives because who people want to like is their own business. we have no right to judge - wait, we do, as long as we keep it to ourselves. we don't know the nameless boyfriend/girlfriend as well as Nameless's girlfriend/boyfriend does. there is probably a simpler way to put this. I am probably brain-dead from sleepiness. anyway. we all have a right to be curious, as well. I just don't like this - feeling. my gut (ugh) feeling.

I'll follow it. don't blame me. all the sharp edges of our values are crowded against each other. or blame me, whatever. that's a consequence. of course, paint it prettily enough and no one will know, not even you...

oh and on a completely different tangent. watermannn. please have more faith in us ;D

and - switch lanes - an interesting phone conversation. Well, to answer your question. it doesn't matter if no one is there when I sing. I would sing in a valley with no one nearby. singing is a way of saying, I was here. I was here for a moment, just like this song. I am here while this song echoes. And even though no one can hear me, I am still here.

huh. I need to beg pardon for all the non-sense.

nevermind, we don't have to be cogent 100% of the time.

so to be completely non-lucid.

Despite all the struggles and agony you have gone through you are not alone.
So go forward.
you can breathe. start with that. you can move. and yes, you can think.
So go forward.
What would you like? A push, a pull, a helping hand?
Don't wait, dear.
Don't sink. How could you?
and you can hurt, you can be cruel with your kindness, you can also be destroyed
you can be everything I hate
you can be someone I respect
you are the scene I never want to see again
you are the knife in my side
and yes, you are my friend
Will you go. The scene, the knife, the friend.
Will you go? The hate, the kindness, the hand.
Will you go.

I said non-lucid. Don't think too much. when I'm fully conscious I'll actually write something real. maybe.

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