Wednesday, November 16, 2011

sneezy || "那些年,我們一起追的女孩" - 胡夏

reality can be awfully boring on its own sometimes, yeah :D so sometimes I'd twist it a little...not lie, but write down events in such a way that they have occured, but which is not exactly the way it happened. distort the fabric and lie to my mind. sorry. maybe it's a form of escape, or entertainment, or...something. I don't know which. but I do it, and so maybe you shouldn't believe everything strange that I write here. unless there are names. I suppose. naming things grounds it *sigh* because it gets sensitive and all...


although my heart can still take it HEHE gosh no school this is heaven :D


today me and yanrui and zhonghui when to sun plaza park in tampines!!! to help out for some cca leaders camp thing. it was really fun gosh HAHA because I think we are all really retarded LOLL. the difference between the attitudes of the first five groups and the remaining seven was really quite obvious. although I think that the groups which hurried but didn't rush, and took a kinda fun attitude to everything may have enjoyed themselves a lot too. depends on what the group wants, like the groups that set out to win would have more fun winning. LOL.

some of our conversations were really spazz haha. then the wankit moment when ants swarmed my shirt =.= ewwwOMG I HATE ANTS. almost as much as leeches gahhh.

I need to up my fighting skills D< so I can take down giants like zhonghui :D

then it started raining and yanrui built a dam with H20 bottles (partly fail) and we tried to wait out the rain under the pavilion. huh pavilion. keeps popping up in my mind I'm super curious siaa. then we played zhonghui's 'what's your life story' game, which was...interesting. heh :D I'm always more interested in who you are in the moment rather than how you have progressed to make it to the you, today - which might reflect some sort of immaturity.

however it really was quite interesting to hear about your life since primary school. brief flashes on a few highlights, to give a sketchy picture. you are...quite an interesting person :) and yes I know you read blogs LOLL so I'll feel the weight of the words before letting 'em loose - but I think you are willing to strive insanely hard for the things that matter to you. many people would rather escape or find excuses. you take the hills head on. which is admirable, really :)

then we walked in the rain (after deciding not to shiver in the pavilion anymore after being dismissed) and stopped at tampines library for me to pay my fines HAHA. I have been contributing to our country's finances! :D then walked to mrt, got lost a little, kena splashed dirty water at RAWWRR D< but no water can take down the watergirl! LOL. then took mrt with yanrui all the way to bishan and had some laugh-until-tears-fall moments. seriously omg. and some serious moments. hum.

decided on my movie list:
(in order of which I want to watch most)

1. The Hunger Games <33333333

2. 那些年

3. Breaking Dawn (LOL...I think I might skip this..)

I think there's a lot to think about, but I can't put my finger on it.

keep going, dears.


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