Friday, November 11, 2011

sleepy || "I'm Into You" - Jennifer Lopez ft. Lil Wayne

Feels like my face muscles have divided themselves into fifty groups, and each group's trying to go off and do something on its own.

Either I relax them all into that face people somehow always think preludes anger. Or I paste a grin and stick it out.

Hurry, get back to normal. It's weird having my expressions disconnected from brain and heart.

play the right tune and it runs through like electricity <33

oh. talking about the brain/heart divide, today jiax asked me a question (a normal one, really, not some life-changing whacko) and each gave one answer. I just don't know who answered first. LOL. So I went "yeaahhhhhhNo!" then I spent the next few minutes trying to figure out: yes or no???




why you should join tkd:

1. the kids attack when their testosterone/blood sugar spikes. COKE = ARMAGEDDON

2. you see kids shorter than 1.2m kick the stuffing out of targets

3. most everyone's shorter than 1.2m! Feel tall~

4. shouting is actually approved

5. if you stay back to practice, you + whoever's with you can lie on the basketball court and stare at the moon. (if it doesn't rain we practice in the basketball court; if it rains we practice in the hall or multi-purpose room) if you want to be zen, you can meditate in the middle of the court, under the starry sky :D yup, and pray like hell that no idiot in the adjacent court throws a basketball into your head

today jiax and I finished learning chil jang. for some reason my arms are aching (this is the first time). and for the first time I have a feeling about a pattern.

the side of you, that you've never shown anyone.

don't worry.

ps: JESS! after I tried google chrome's 'do a barrel roll' and the rest, I tried 'belly dance'. HAHA. doesn't work T.T

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