Friday, November 11, 2011

no comment || "大火" - 李佳薇

Devastating honesty --

Well, after seeing you bash yourself up so happily, I suppose I might have to take some initiative too.

Before you start hating everyone.

Errr. I think yesterday I might have been abit - I might have...ER. Okay. hmm. Well thanks for walking me to the mrt. LOL. I didn't want you to come with me since you were having so much fun on the hydraulic seats with the guys and all. Not because I despised you or smth LOLLLL. sigh. well, whatsoever. you probably got the idea. Or maybe not.

The talk was pretty fun though :D like, I didn't understand most everything but it was still cool hahahha! so yup it was me van yanrui hanhao and hongyao. hahahaa omg

yanruiiii: this is a once in a lifetime chance, must make full use of it!

me: so you're going to ask the guy questions?

yanrui: huh? no, I'm going to go eat more food

HAHAHA EPICCCC. then after the talk we went to explore the science centre, but cause it was so late most of the stuff was off. for some reason the guys couldn't keep out of the dark scary places =.= I kept expecting the michael jackson lego to come alive and start screaming at us or smth.

oh and, I realised canoeing training is really really scary. I mean, I always knew it was tough but their weights training is INSANE. I think canoeing and tahan aim to train different things, though.

maybe I'm over-idealising things. what chicken said about stairs is probably true :D I want to go canoeing training one day HAHA I bet I'd die at the freaking first station. It already sounded scary enough vann until you said each station had to do 3 sets then it became CRAZY.

don't compare apples and pears~ or should I say apples and flamingos.

hmm yesterday's training. Haha. training is training is training is whatever we make of it. no comment! :D I just think that the pain level of statics is lower than that of climbing haha. (except for invisible chair): )

all the thinking and aching and dreaming, but I stop and stare. stone. I see nothing. I realise that I may never find it.

if I'm going to close my eyes and open a door that is too vivid to be real, there must be no happiness. because even I know the danger of that.

ps: sorry zhonghui, I guess my lit isn't so good after all :P

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