Thursday, November 10, 2011

melancholy || "The A Team" - Ed Sheeran

Ohh, naruto is picking up~ getting quite awesome! :)

*well-wishes to the thousands ;) ***


Sitting cross legged, feeling your whole body move to the beat, and you wonder if it's just your pulse.


"Stop. Don't say anymore." He says suddenly. I look at him, surprised, because the old man has only said, I saw a boy...

Standing in the greenish, mucky water below the bridge, the old man cackles. "I saw a boy...clad in blue and brown-"

"Stop it." His voice is rough, almost shaking. The old man opens his mouth to speak again, his face wrinkled with glee.

Dark hair whips round, and beside me he wrenches off his blue shirt, flings it to the ground and runs. I dash after him but the prophet's words follow us as we flee,

I saw a boy! I saw...him...die!

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