Friday, November 18, 2011

kinda excited || "Sort Of" - Ingrid Michaelson

yayyy omg today I DRANK KOI!!

okay from the start

LOLLLL. it was class picnic but me and van were insanely early so we wanted to go watch 那些年 but it started too late!! so we made a date with jess, lynette and maybe rachel to go on tues <33 HEHE :D come to think of it I don't talk to lynette much, although I honestly think she is beyond cool. ;) class picnic was fun! oh the koi. we got that on the way to marina bay, which btw is pretty annoyingly hard to get to omg =.= =.= but we made it~ e was telling me the awesomeness of koi milk tea HAHA no really really I'm now convinced it's the best bubble tea in the world! :D :D hehehe omg when I was ordering I forgot what nai cha was in english O.O so I ordered oolong nai cha (like that, in chinese) and the person started asking me sugar lvl, if I wanted pearls, how large ALL IN CHINESE. and my chinese isn't that bad but I had a moment of panic LOLOL. okay back to class picnic~ the jelly was nice! the marshmallows and drinks and seaweed chicken and really everything was nice hahaha it was pretty fun :D I had to leave early, though because

and this is the highlight of today's post

because of Pig. jiax came to my house to pass her to me, and I am now officially charged with taking care of her till dec 15. Pig is, by the way, not actually a pig but that's what I'll be calling her since her name is Violet and have you ever seen a violet guinea pig?? No. you have not. Pig's white and brown-streaked ;D

Anyway she's cute, like 

definition: ugly but adorable. 

I was pretty surprised when my dad said I could take care of her :) :) this is the first time he's let something furry enter the house! So, ehm, here's the story of Pig: 

her owner's going overseas till dec 15 so a girl called kh offered to take care of Pig but her mom ordered Pig OUT so jiax offered to take care of her but then jiax's dad said no and then Pig came to me! currently my bro and auntie see her as a nuisance. My dad sees her as a health hazard =.= and my mom is completely, freaking scared of Pig. Ohhh yeah, you'd think I dragged a crocodile home. jeez. I just see Pig as an ugly Pig. ugly but adorable :) 

and, the asthma thing is in my opinion completely ridiculous. your freaking smoking is going to kill my lungs before some freaking pet fur does. stop the fucking smoking please! 

sigh. no, you won't. no, I won't ask you. that's why I have a blog, alright? so I can rant about these things I...can't...say. 

back to the Pig. 

I think she's all a nervous wreck after being transported house to house. it's kind of sad that no one wants her. well, if no one else is going to love her, I will love her double. care for her double, at least. to my family's credit, give them enough time and they'll take to her alright. I mean, when my brother brought home this tiny lobster that fit in his palm, after two weeks no one mentioned lobster recipes anymore. after three they were calling it lobby and, after 2 months when my grandmother accidentally dropped it down the drain, my mom was inconsolable. I didn't care much about it, though. come on, it was a LOBSTER. like, helloooo...

yeah, and Pig's a health hazard scary guinea pig. whatever. I like Pig more :D 

so, keeping in mind how I always forget to feed my pets (which is why we don't keep them anymore) I decided to paste three big post-it's next to my bed, reminding me to 


but 'cause of my asthma problems we've never taken care of furry animals before so, if you have any tips on caring for guinea pigs please leave a comment! :) :) I'll be doing some research too, but any help (really, anyyy) is welcome <3

may my next post not be titled Pig's Escape,


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