Tuesday, November 29, 2011

fine~ || "Jar Of Hearts" - Maddi Jane

I'm bored.

I grabbed my phone from the table, flipped it open and dialed a number. The moment the cool screen touched my ear his voice drawled through the phone. "How nice to hear from you again."

"You were expecting me?"

"Of course. So what craziness is it this time? Tell me quick, because I don't want to listen, really."

"...This could be a courtesy call."

He laughed at that, the sound edged and rough. "Oh, yeah. You have never given me a courtesy call, darling. Alright, now out with it."

I didn't reply for a long moment. I walked to the balcony, where the glass door offered some privacy.

"Hello? You ignoring me there?"

I smiled. "Ignore you? Heaven forbid." Something struck me. "You know, you could call me sometimes too. If you want."

"I don't think this is a two-way thing, actually."

"What?" I cocked my head, surprised. "Really?"

"I? Lie to you? Heaven forbid." He mocked.

"So is it?" I sighed, exasperated. "Or not?"

"Look, the only way I can hear your dulcet tones? Is if you call me first. Okay?"

"Okay." I made myself comfortable. "Well here goes. Listen up."

Softer than I would have expected, he replied, "always.."


"She's been on that phone for a long time, hasn't she?"

"Yes, but it's strange..."

"What is?"

"Her phone was on the table for...half an hour? A few minutes ago before she called the battery was dead. She didn't charge it, either..."


disturbed dreams ._. I think this might have something to do with the fact that the pig's shopping bill came up to $100+ but that's beside the point~

and we made up! (sort of) but he's still a scumbag D<

Feels like I wasted my anger

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