Saturday, November 5, 2011

|| "I'll Get Back to You" - Olivia Ong

Making judgements about wilson people before you even know them? Aiyo yingyue you don't even know them well enough to judge anything.

But well, here goes: 

I think their attitudes currently range from wth why so difficult to wts this is so easy (and then they don't do standard) to wtf am I doing here!?!? I have no right to get angry because this isn't cca training, rather it's just training for a trip. But I hope they take training seriously, for our sakes and theirs because when crunchtime comes I have little affection for most of them and I really don't want to take their weight. (of course not all, I do really like some wilson people ;) ) Though I might end up being the one lagging =.= Huh. 

I think they shouldn't depend on us too much, and we shouldn't be expected to take on too much. We might be obligated to take on more, but that doesn't mean we are obligated to suffer for them :P unless it's voluntary suffering hahaha...

what a joke. Voluntary suffering? Running is voluntary suffering, training is, too - until it isn't ;) it's all in how you look at it.

I thought back and tried to figure out why I got so angry. I think it's because that hit a raw nerve. This is not an excuse and will not be. This is how it was at the time and I'll make sure it's not like that next time. But I suppose I've been asked so many times, directly and indirectly, and I know what the general opinion is and I really hate it. All in present tense. Sorry I can't change so quickly. This raw nerve...was hit too many times. 

And this sounds so serious right!!! HAHA actually after I found out I was angry for no reason I felt damn dumb AHHHHHHH. I can't even say I'm pmsing cause I'm not HAHAH. siao suddenly so high!

I have olivia ong next to eminem and I feel bipolar =.=

Anyway island with solo zhonghui and zachary was funn :DD I went home and actually listened to radiohead but it still sounds ughh :P HAHA. Then I started listening to breaking benjamin and lifehouse which is...nice! :D hahaha thanks for waiting so long~ I had this moment of flashback when you asked me if it was okay if you guys left omgg.

Nicm thought island was at cold storage there!! LOLL. After the guys left I had a date with nicm ;DD and I realised that girl htht's are the best after all <33333 Even though it wasn't much of a htht, more like a stupid shit session (alliteration!!!) but it was FUNN :))) I really really hope the three of us (me, nicm and kes) will stay in contact even years from now. It's been 2 years alr ;D and nicm told me that when we first met I WAS HER AGE NOW GOSHH. I think SPEX matured me in some ways. At least, it made me more unwilling to give up (read: stubborn HAHA) I gave up alot at the start until I was so frustrated I just decided not to. And omg.

And the boxing gym next to SPEX. HAHA. the giant poster of muhammad ali!! and the coach who taught me how to punch! I miss that place <3 that feeling when you're in the court playing singles and you're scared but you don't know why because there's nothing at stake. Nothing but your own pride. When every point lost was a death grip on your heart but losing focus was a downward spiral that you had to avoid at all costs, or be strong enough to pull yourself up from. My parents think it was a waste of money and time. I don't think so :)

Alright I shall go play on monday! :DD

You cannot - not when I'm awake, even less in my dreams. Not when you're awake, even less in your dreams...

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