Tuesday, November 22, 2011

headachy || "Come In With The Rain" - Taylor Swift

watched 那些年 with van and jess!! ^^= to be honest I don't really get why so many people cried. it was funny and kind of touching, but not really the tear-jerker it was made out to be :P hehe or maybe I don't cry easily. LOL. 

Pig update (day 5):
kehui came to teach me how to bathe her LOL. she's really a fussy pig (violet, not kehui HAHA) and hates getting wet D: she may have some yeast infection or smth so I'll be bringing her to the vet on sat >< tsk tsk. I have to clean you, your poop, and now gotta bring you to see doctor omggg is this what having a baby is like ._.  ahh well. she makes up for it by being so darned cute ;D

tmr I'm planning to bring her to the balcony to run around. 'cause I think she hates being cooped up all day, I know I would. but tmr got training. AH TRAINING. shit can joshua please not be training ic. 

okay enough whining *pig update over* training is meant to be tough. 

I just remembered something, that training when we had to hold sandbags out horizontal in invisible chair position - that was after we held in pushup/crunches for an hour. we. are. freaking. awesome! :DD ossum possum we RULE. 

like duh,

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