Wednesday, November 2, 2011

happy || "In My Blue Backyard" - The Little Mermaid

I thought of it as a distorted glass mirror; she described it a bell jar. It's the same...not quite. I only understand her world more clearly, but - I do think it's over. As over as it can possibly be. **stream of consciousness**

 -this is a little interjection. hihihi. :) this is not who you might think it is. because i'm so unexpected, and not who you think i am- wheee~
-no. this is not an alter ego. one needs an ego to have an alter. so hahahahaha. :D-

[HAHA I like your laptop~!!!]

why is this situation so lag. There's no point teasing me, oi!! I'm only not saying anything because I think it's really quite - bad. I will, eventually. It's quite annoying.

Training later~ I hope it doesn't rain :) Although that might be better for everyone hahahaha. I hope I remember the route :) :)

Talking to unexpected people!!! Hahah I realise I don't put down the names of many people. So I shall. This time! :) I think justin's chinese accent very good hahah. It's like, I understand three out of four words LOLL but it sounds like a 93.3 DJ (Y)

About The Bell Jar (which I gotta finish reading before training cause it's overdueeee) I wish I didn't understand, but I do. That's fine, because it's not as if I'm crying at every page because it hurts to read. Rather, it's more like I'm seeing the complexities under the surface that I can only barely touch. Thank goodness ;) Now to finish reading~

lunch today DAMN FUN :DD

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