Monday, November 21, 2011

happy || "I Was Here" - Beyonce


I can argue with my brother without even needing to be in the same room anymore. AND I CAN WIN (sort of) I just need to log off before he can reply. LOL. immature much~ will have to make up later THIS SUCKS.

older brothers can be so awful sometimes D<

hahaha today I'm spamming!! though not really~ the first was at 1a.m., the second at 9a.m. and now this one! it's 8.20p.m. :)

Pig update (day 4!):

she's still alive!! I've found out that guinea pigs aren't from guinea and aren't pigs, though she sure eats like one <3 itchy scratchy cute butterball omggg. and she kinda stinks but tmr she gets a bath! :D

hahaha okay retarded incident. I was feeding her carrots and she was pretty happy munching. then I remembered the frog omnom (cut the rope!) so I omnomnom-ed at her, then she stopped eating. and stared at me, with a kind of ....!? look haha!! I got dissed by a pig but it was so funny!! or maybe in pig language omnom means something? later I go try again ;D

*update over*

this time, beyonce has outdone herself (Y) amazing.

looking forward to tomorrow :DDD

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